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Who is Justice Ginsburg?

1. She is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and she is affectionately addressed as RBG.

2. She is a Jewish girl born in Brooklyn. She was admitted to Harvard Law School and became the first woman to earn tenure at Columbia University after graduation.

3. She is a great feminist lawyer. In 1973, RBG served as the lead litigation attorney for the Women’s Rights Program of the American Freedom League. In the next 10 years, she conducted a series of landmark defenses in the Supreme Court.

4. She is a justice of the Supreme Court. In 1993, RBG was nominated by President Clinton as Justice of the Supreme Court. She was the second female justice after Sandra Day O’Connar. She is also the oldest justice in American history and has served on the Supreme Court for 27 years.

5. She is the most popular spiritual idol on social networks. People are keen to imitate her dress, make her emoticons, buy her peripherals, and praise her, “If there is really a superhero in the world, it must be like Ginsberg!”

6. She is the most punk old lady. She did not retired at the age of 87. She go to work every day and keep working out. At the end of 2018, she broke three ribs due to an accident in the Supreme Court. When the people were worried about her, three days later, the old lady went to work in court again.

7. She has fought cancer for more than 20 years and has suffered from cancer five times. At the beginning of July this year, she also received chemotherapy for cancer recurrence. She has always hoped that she can continue to work until the age of 90, or at least until the end of the US election, because the current Supreme Court structure is not optimistic.

8. She owns an enviable love. Her husband Martin called himself the “first husband”. In that era when men believed that their wives should take care of the family, Martin had always supported RBG’s career during his lifetime. He once said: “I think the most important thing I have done the  is to help Ruth achieve her current career.”

  • She is called “The Notorious RBG” , that is how fans pay tribute to her: because she always raises fierce objections when the Supreme Court makes absurd judgments.

“What could be more disgusting than an’old woman’? But everyone can’t wait to remember every word the old woman said .” 

Chief Justice John Roberts issued a statement praising Ginsberg as a “a jurist of historic stature”. Her departure meant that the United States has lost a historic jurist.

In fact, the impact is far more than that.

Among the nine justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, five are conservatives. As one of the remaining four liberal justices of the Supreme Court, Ginsberg’s existence is of great significance under the current situation of resurgence of American conservatism. And her departure undoubtedly means that the power to guard the balance is gone, Trump will have the opportunity to continue to appoint a conservative justice, the political balance will continue to be broken, and the American social ideology will become more conservative in the next few decades.

Therefore, many commentators have stated that Ginsberg’s death may have as much impact as (or even more than) the US presidential election, on American justice, social system, ideology, or social development in the next few decades.

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