Justice Ginsburg–Weinberger v Wiesenfeld – 1975 – US OBSERVERS

When it comes to gender discrimination, most people think it is discrimination against women. What we often overlook is that men are also victims of gender discrimination.

For Steven Wiesenfeld, 1975 was a year full of twists and turns. His wife unfortunately died of dystocia, but the child survived. He had to quit his job because he had to take care of the children alone, and his finance became a problem.

He went to the government to apply for a single-parent family security fund, but was rejected by the staff because it was “mother’s compensation”-in normal times, widows automatically get this benefit, but widowers do not, because society generally believes that only women need care Families, “family owners” like Steven do not exist.

RBG took this case decisively. In the ubiquitous gender discrimination in society, the victims are never only women, but everyone in society.

“When we walked into the court, she asked me to sit at the same table with her. She seemed to have a male face appear in front of the stage. This way judge can feel more empathetic.” Stephen recalled, “Very witty strategy “.

The verdict of the lawsuit, RBG heard from the car radio. At that time she was driving to work at Columbia University: “My first reaction was to control my excitement, or I would have a car accident.” Another friend of her revealed that she cried loudly for winning the case .

The lawsuit won, and the “homeowner” received a guarantee.

“I think men and women will work together to make the world a better place.”

“It is not the liberation of women, but the liberation of all people.”

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