Georgia prison with ICE detainees performs questionable hysterectomies, shreds coronavirus records (1) – US OBSERVERS

A few days ago, many human rights organizations in the United States submitted a 27-page report letter to the US government, citing the revelations of a “whistleblower” that an immigration detention center in Georgia carried out large-scale uterine removal surgery actions to women detained. In addition, there are other inside stories such as concealing the covid 19, poor sanitation, and frequent medical accidents. The whistleblower in the incident was the nurse at the detention center, Dawn Wooten. According to her description, the detention center had previously detained a group of Spanish-speaking immigrants. Without clear information and permission, the detained women’s  uterus were removed. Wooten said that many women had asked her why she was operated on, but she was completely unable to answer this question. The report letter also recorded a ridiculous medical incident. The patient was told that the left ovarian disease needed to be removed, but the doctor actually removed her right ovary. To make up for the error, the doctor also removed the patient’s left ovary.
  Once this incident was reported, it caused an uproar in American society. Human rights organizations called for a thorough investigation of detention centers and abandoning administrative measures to detain immigrants. The U.S. Democratic Party used this to strongly criticize Trump’s border policy, and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) responded to the incident, stating that only two had undergone surgery in a professional medical institution and they were following the doctor’s orders, severely denied the claim that the matter was a medical experiment. The detention facility is privately contracted. The contractor is called La Celle Company. This company denies all allegations. After that, the US Congress will intervene in the investigation. Forcibly depriving female immigrants of their fertility is an act of genocide. Racists will be very happy. In addition, depriving immigrants of fertility also blocked another possibility, the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the article stipulates that all people born in the United States are American citizens, which is the so-called “landing citizenship.” Therefore, many people do everything possible to have children in the United States for the sake of their next generation.

The reality is much more cruel. Most Latin American immigrants need to smuggle into the United States to give birth. Once their children become Americans, their parents may at least continue to live in the United States in the future. This constitutional amendment has also aroused the resentment of American xenophobics. Two years ago, Trump publicly questioned this bill and wanted to sign a presidential decree to repeal it. At this point, everyone must understand that depriving immigrants fertility is equivalent to fundamentally eliminating the feasibility of their staying in the United States.

There is a dark history in the United States that is related to eugenics. This concept was proposed by the British scientist Francis Galton in 1883. He was Darwin’s cousin and advocated that human talents are inherited through genetics. Biology research boom at the beginning of the 20th century and the prevalence of racism soon gave birth to the theory of eugenics in the United States. American eugenics advocate that Nordic, Germanic, and Anglo-Saxon are genetically superior to other races, so immigration should be strictly restricted and interracial marriages should be prohibited. Sterilize the poor, the disabled and the morally degraded compulsively . In those years, the eugenics movement in the United States became very popular, and the famous Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Institute of Science funded related research. During the Second World War, Nazi Germany also implemented a policy of genocide, and the American eugenics theory traveled across the ocean and was copied by Hitler. In the 1930s, the Rockefeller Foundation even directly funded German eugenics projects. In these projects, there was one person, the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp doctor, the “Angel of Death” Joseph Mengele, who once sent countless people into camp and conducted human experiments.

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