Georgia prison with ICE detainees performs questionable hysterectomies, shreds coronavirus records(2) – US OBSERVERS

After the defeat of Nazi Germany in 1945, the American eugenics movement received many criticisms. Related people come out and say that Nazi Germany’s genocide policy had nothing to do with American eugenics.  These people also say that in the first 20 years of the 20th century, the advancement of society is based on eugenics, and some states in the United States only banned forced sterilization until 1978. From 1907 to 1963, more than 64,000 people were forcibly sterilized. According to the estimates of American freelance journalist Kevin Bogus, by the end of the 1970s, this number was at least 80,000. The ethnic group was mainly black, Latino, and Native American. The mainstream media in the United States appeared to be “restrained” and “moderate” in reporting on this matter, and did not exaggerate the issue of “human rights”, and even the term “human rights” was not mentioned in relevant reports, which appeared to be “very” Objective and neutral”.
  The contractor of this detention facility, La Celle, once provided political contributions to Republican politicians and had inextricable connections with Trump himself. The Democratic Party accidentally obtained a weapon to attack Trump’s immigrants policy. At the same time, this raises another problem. The private jailsystem in the United States has the highest imprisonment rate for American citizens in the world. Nearly 1% of the entire population is held in prisons. There are about 2.3 million in prisons, accounting for one five of the world’s prisoners. But this is not entirely a crime rate issue. The jailsystem in the United States has been capitalized and is operated by large companies, and the U.S. government pays these companies. From the perspective of reducing the fiscal deficit, this is a good choice. After all, operating prisons is very expensive. Contracting private companies can reduce costs and increase efficiency. It can also provide employment, which is very profitable. At present, this business is very prosperous, and the total annual industrial profit is close to 5 billion US dollars. The problem is also there. The role of the jailitself is to deter and punish lawbreakers. After commercialization, it has changed.

In American prisons, you can see a lot of weird phenomena. The first is to try to save money. The author of “American Trap”  Frédéric Pierucci is in a private American prison. After 5 years, he once described that nightmarish experience. “I was wearing an orange jailuniform, and my hands and feet were bound by iron chains. The iron chains pressed on my chest made it difficult for me to breathe. At that moment, I realized that I had become an animal with no freedom and no resistance.” He mentioned that you need money for everything, you need to buy plastic cups for drinking water, there is a TV, but there is no sound, you have to spend money on headphones, the three meals a day are very simple, two slices of bread,  no taste , No smell, and the cost definitely does not exceed 1 US dollar. One person guards hundreds of people. In order to prevent riots, prisoners can only stay in cells every day. The playground and library are restricted. If any prisoner does not obey the discipline, he will be dragged to where there is no camera, get a severe beating. When the old jailguard imparted experience to the newcomers, he said, “Treat prisoners like beasts. Do not say thank you to them. Divide them into different groups. Your job will be easy.” The company also sign a contract with the government to guarantee a 90% occupancy rate in private prisons. They are also picky about the  prisoners. And private prisons don’t have to worry about mismanagement. The government will give subsidies to the jailfor keeping you out of bankruptcy.

In terms of making money, you have to admire the creativity of these private prisons. The law stipulates a lower limit for prisoners’ living standards, but no upper limit. If you have money, you can pay to improve your living conditions. The service standards are clearly marked. Whether you live in a Nazi concentration camp or a five-star hotel is determined by your personal financial strength. The rich are in the minority, and most prisoners cannot afford to pay and become a laborer. After all, they are cheap labor. You don’t need to apologize to the capitalist society at all. Private prisons are also very happy because they don’t have to pay taxes and earn as much as they earn. The largest private jailoperator in the United States is called the correctional company, the founder Terrell Huto, worked as an assistant warden in a Texas government jailbefore he reached the pinnacle of his life. He was a public official who resigned and started a business. He was a “genius” in using prisoners to make money. He held competitive performances in jailto attract spectators and sell tickets to make money. There is a competition where the pigs are filled with grease, and 20 prisoners are asked to catch it. Whoever can catch it can get 20 dollars.

In order to increase profits, American private prisons will find ways to detain more people. Immigration detention centers are a new area for them to expand their business. According to statistics, the number of people detained in 2016 increased by 4.4 times compared with that in 2000. These immigration detention centers have bad sanitary conditions and the guards often abuse prisoners. Last year, an immigration detention center in Texas revealed that detainees were forced to drink toilet water. This time the Georgia Detention Center has also exposed many other problems, such as not providing covid 19 testing, concealing data, etc. Judging from the current situation in the United States, ordinary prisoners in the country are not regarded as people. Should the treatment of detained immigrants be improved? If these vested interest groups cannot be ruled out, no matter how loud the voice of human rights organizations is, the status quo of the US imprisonment policy cannot be changed.

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