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President Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of his contribution to the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE.

After President Trump learned the news, he was overjoyed. Within half an hour, he sent 17 tweets, all related to the Nobel Prize. Nobel Prize includes fields of physical chemistry, physiology and medicine, literature, and peace. Later, economics was added. Most of the other awards are based on professionalism, but the award of the Peace Prize is often controversial. For example, when Obama first came to power, he was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.

Actually, in my opinion, to be fair, according to the “definition of awards”, Trump is more worthy of a peace award than Obama. In the past, people only paid attention to the winners of the Nobel Prize, and rarely paid attention to the nominees. The person who nominated Trump also has a background. And the reason for Trump’s nomination this time, according to the White House spokesperson, is actually related to the reconciliation between the UAE and Israel and the very complicated Middle East situation. How does Trump get an award because of Middle East?

The Swedish chemist Nobel invented the nitroglycerin explosive and accumulated a lot of wealth. Before his death in 1901, he set up five Nobel Prizes with huge amount of money. The Peace Prize was the first to claim that it does not distinguish between races, gender and national boundaries. According to Nobel’s will, the winners include those who have made efforts or made the greatest contribution to promoting friendship among nations, disarmament, organizing peace conferences and promoting peace. The Nobel Peace Prize is not exactly the same as several other prizes. For example, its award ceremony was held in Oslo, Norway, instead of Stockholm, Sweden. In the early days of its establishment, this committee tried its best to award organizations such as the National Peace Alliance and the League of Nations. However, during the Cold War, the world was divided by the Iron Curtain. Sweden and Norway were on the west side of the Iron Curtain and had close relations with Britain. It is hard to avoid being affected by British-American diplomacy and becoming a tool for promoting ideology.

Among the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize in the past 100 years, 37 are from the United Kingdom, the United States and the Commonwealth, followed by other European countries, and finally the so-called “human rights fighters” from countries targeted for “peaceful evolution”. The ideological tendency of awards is evident. Unlike the Nobel Peace Prize, the other prizes actually require you to have real talents.Thus the threshold of the peace prize is actually very low, not only national leaders, but even ordinary university professors are qualified to nominate others. This is not the first time Trump has been nominated. In 2019, Trump said that Shinzo Abe nominated him for the Peace Prize.

Later, the Japanese government came out to clarify that Abe did so because he agreed to the request of the United States. Normally, the selection committee keeps the list of those nominees secret, but sometimes would take the initiative to stand up. This time the “warrior” who nominates President trump is the Norwegian politician Christian Gide, this gentleman belongs to the progress party of Norway. The party, in fact, is not progressive at all. Right-wing, populist, conservative and Euro-skeptical are the main theme of the party’s platform. Gide himself belongs to the extreme right and is anti-immigrant. But what is interesting is that after announcing the nomination of Trump, he also clarified that he is not a fan of Trump, but that “in terms of his merits, his efforts to establish peace between nations are larger than that of Most nominees .” Well, that’s a good point, I almost believed it.

In fact, it is nothing new that the President of the United States was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Looking further, Roosevelt, who mediates the Russo-Japanese War, won the prize, and Wilson founded the League of Nations and also won the prize. So what is Trump doing this time? He used his mediation to promote reconciliation between Israel and the UAE, and he will sign an agreement on the normalization of relations on September 15. In the Arab-Israeli agreement, in addition to common navigation, investment, and tourism provisions, the most important discussion is the Jordan River West Bank issue. The final agreement stipulates that Israel suspends its annexation of land in the West Bank, which signifies that the UAE has compromised. The West Bank issue is also a frequent news item in the Middle East.

Let me give you a list of the reconciliation between Israel and the UAE. We know that Israel has always been a thorn in the Middle East. After World War II, the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 181 (II) in 1947 to establish an Arab and Jewish state in Palestine. Palestine is mostly in the West Bank area. The resolution of Israel’s establishment of a state has aroused dissatisfaction among Arab countries. This is the origin of the Arab-Israeli conflict and the subsequent war in the Middle East. The war between Israel’s self-established state and Arab countries has never stopped. After decades of war, Israel’s territory has expanded. The Arab countries initially united against Israel. However, in 1978, Israel rebelled against Egypt and signed the Camp David Agreement. The two sides reconciled and Israel gradually returned to Sinai Peninsula in exchange for recognition by Egypt. Egypt was originally the main force of a leader of the Arab countries against Israel. After its withdrawal, the Arab countries no longer have a major force to confront Israel. The West Bank was originally a Palestinian state stipulated by the United Nations. After the first Middle East war, it was annexed by Jordan. After the third Middle East war, it was taken by Israel, and it has been controlled by the Israelis ever since. Today’s international treaties treat the Jordan River line as an “occupied area.” Israel did not have the guts to announce a real annexation. Out of consideration of ethnic segregation, a wall was built along the edge. They separated the West Bank from the mainland. After all, Israel is a Jewish nation-state. At present, 80% of the population of the West Bank is Muslim, and Jews account for only one-sixth.

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