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Also at the bottom of his life was Hitler on the other side of the battlefield. At that time Hitler was still an ordinary German soldier, struggling to live in the trenches. On the Western Front in 1915, Churchill and Hitler did not know each other. At that time, they were both unknown and cannon fodder. There is no place for them on the stage of the First World War, but in the next world war 24 years later, their names are spread all over the world.

    After the First World War, Churchill was reactivated and returned to the cabinet. From 1917 to 1929, Churchill served successively as Minister of Military Supplies, Minister of Defense, Minister of Colonies, and Minister of Finance. He vigorously promoted the development of tanks, aircraft, and poisonous gas to strengthen the British military. With power in his hands, he has also gone further and further along the reactionary road of imperialism and colonialism. He can be said to be extremely cruel to the rebellious people at the bottom and the colonial people. In the 1920 Iraq uprising, Churchill implemented the “air security” policy, using gas bombs for indiscriminate bombing. Many civilians who were not involved in the uprising were also killed. He said frankly, “I don’t understand why some people feel using gas disgusting, I strongly agree to bombing those uncivilized tribes with poison gas. A stronger, higher, and smarter race will replace them.”  For domestic workers’ strikes and the Irish independence movement, he was also cruel and sent troops to brutally suppress them, causing a large number of casualties.

n 1929, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party were defeated in the elections. The Labor Party came to power. Churchill had repeatedly jumped between the Conservative party and the Liberal Party and changed party membership twice, but he never joined the Labor Party. Naturally, his name is not on the list of the new cabinet. In the following ten years, he never held any important position. This period was called a “period of confusion” by him. He spent a lot of time in writing, and the writing style has become more sophisticated. He still cares about politics and likes to talk about it. After the First World War, the whole world was immersed in pacifism. From parliamentarians to civilians, everyone advocated disarmament, but Churchill went vehemently against it. He was worried about the future and had to fight, which made him a minority. The political future is even more bleak.

    But Churchill always believed in his own judgment. He urged Britain to reorganize its arms and encouraged France to strengthen its military and jointly maintain world order. Facing the rise of Hitler, Churchill showed a far beyond ordinary vision. When most European politicians were paralyzed by Hitler, Churchill warned that Hitler and fascism would bring disasters to the world. If they were not prevented, they could lead to civilization Destruction. He has always opposed the appeasement policy, and after the signing of the Munich Agreement, he even bluntly stated that we have suffered a complete failure. But at that time, Churchill was not understood. The only response to him was boos and impeachment. His views were also regarded as alarmist and laughed at by people. History finally proved Churchill’s judgment.

On September 1, 1939, Germany blitzed Poland and World War II broke out. While the war swept across the country, it also marked the bankruptcy of the appeasement policy. A few hours after the outbreak of the war, British Prime Minister Chamberlain formed a wartime cabinet and invited Churchill to serve as Secretary of the Navy. After ten years of depression, Churchill made a comeback again and returned to the core of power. And this time he will go further than before.
  On May 8, 1940, Chamberlain submitted his resignation to the king. Five days later, Churchill entered the House of Commons as the new prime minister. He stood on the podium and looked around. It has been 40 years since he entered the house. Forty years ago it was the Victorian era. In that golden age, the sun never set, because the Union Jack was everywhere in the world. But after forty years, all pride ceased to exist, and only fear and anxiety remained in people’s eyes. The first thing Churchill must do is to convince the 381  parliamentarians in front of them to make up their minds to support themselves and support Britain to win another world war. “What is our goal?” Churchill said, “it is victory, we must win at all costs. No matter how hard and how long the road is, we must win. Because without victory, we cannot survive.”  Applause broke out, resounding through the House of Commons, everyone voted for it, and Churchill received absolute support.

At the beginning of his tenure, Churchill was facing a very critical situation. Allied forces were retreating on the European battlefield, and 330,000 soldiers were surrounded by Dunkirk. Regarding whether or not to rescue them, the British senior officials are divided. Many people think that it is unrealistic to bring back so many soldiers in a short period of time, and the rescued ships and escorted fighters may suffer a lot of losses. But Churchill was very determined. He ordered a retreat at all costs, and the Dunkirk retreat codenamed “Operation Dynamo” began. In addition to military warships, many fishing boats of coastal residents also responded to the call and miraculously withdrew most of the soldiers within eight days. This is the first good news that the British have heard since the outbreak of World War II, and it has inspired people.

 But Churchill was also very sober, he knew that “war is not won by retreating.” Soon after the Great Retreat, Italy declared war on Britain, France surrendered, and the entire Western European continent surrendered to the iron feet of Nazi Germany. Looking around the world, the only countries that are still fighting fascism are Britain and China. The British crisis has not been resolved, But worsened, the whole country was panicked. At this moment, Germany suddenly took the initiative to negotiate a peace with Britain. Hitler had always had a good impression of Britain and offered very good terms. The news spread to the UK, setting off a frenzy of peace talks. Many people were grateful to Hitler as if they had found a straw. Some people even hope that the British will join the Axis camp directly. Churchill sneered at this. In his opinion, Britain was far from kneeling for peace. If Britain surrendered because a country had conquered Western Europe, it would have surrendered in Napoleon’s time. The British Empire can survive today because of the natural dangers of the Straits and never succumbed to the European powers. The accumulation of the Royal Navy over the centuries is enough to keep Germany from outside the English Channel. Britain is not alone. The vast colonies are still transfusing blood for Britain. The United States claims to be neutral, but it will not sit and watch Germany dominate Europe.

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