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At the Yalta meeting, he seemed to be one of a big three, but his memoirs wrote like this, “I was sitting on one side of a huge polar bear, and on the other side was the same huge bison. I was caught in the middle, a poor little British donkey.” but in practical action, Churchill tried to make Britain the third pole in the world. On the issue of opening up a second battlefield, he was very scheming and he did not want to be landing in Normandy, advancing from west to east, but strongly advocated landing in southern Europe, advancing from south to north. Because in this way, the UK can integrate the European countries along the route to the greatest extent, and then lead the whole Europe.
  On the issue of permanent membership of the United Nations, he is equally insidious and cunning. He opposes the permanent membership of China, which has always been fighting, but supports France, which surrenders within a month. These practices are all to create a favorable post-war world situation for the British. But Roosevelt and Stalin were also top players in the international game. Churchill’s little abacus could not hide from their eyes. In the disintegration of the British colonial system, the interests of the United States and the Soviet Union were highly aligned, and Britain lacked the hard power to stop them. Most of Churchill’s efforts were ultimately in vain.

After World War II, Churchill thought he could continue to be re-elected by virtue of his military exploits, but suffered a disastrous defeat in the election. This was mainly because the Labor Party’s plan to build a welfare state was very attractive to the poor British people after the war. After stepping down, he continued to adhere to the anti-communist stance, and when he visited the United States in 1946, he delivered a famous Iron Curtain speech, declaring that “an iron curtain across the European continent has fallen”, which is considered a sign of the beginning of the Cold War. He also devoted himself to writing, and spent six years writing a masterpiece of more than three million words, “Memoirs of the Second World War.” Although this book has some boasting and subjective prejudices, it also provides a lot of valuable first-hand historical materials for the study of World War II. Churchill also won the Nobel Prize in Literature for this book.

    In 1951, the British people elected Churchill again and made him the prime minister again at the age of 77. Churchill became more reactionary as he grew older. In the independence movement in Kenya and Malaysia, he adopted a tough policy and sent a large number of troops to brutally suppress and set up concentration camps to lock thousands of local residents. At the end of his term, he resigned as prime minister due to physical reasons, but his life was very long, and he lived to be 90 years old. After his death, the Queen of England ordered an unprecedented state funeral for him.

When we tried to evaluate Churchill today, on the one hand, we affirmed his contribution to World War II. If Britain and Germany make peace, it does not mean that World War II will not be won, but the time will definitely be delayed. More people sacrificed. Britain’s persistent resistance made Germany forced to fight on two fronts and suffered from the enemy’s back. Churchill was credited with this. On the other hand, we must also realize that he is an imperialist, a colonialist, and a racist. He has worked his entire life to bring Britain back to Victorian glory. In that era, the British stood proudly on top of the world, overlooking the world, but this pride was built on countless exploited and suppressed colonial people. Behind the myth that the sun never sets, there are blood and darkness. The British will lament that he is the last afterglow of the empire that never sets, but we will only lament, fortunately, the sun has set.

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